My name is Katie Johnston.  I'm originally from New Orleans, and moved to Atlanta in 1995. It's here I met my husband and we have 3 crazy (but awesome) teenagers.

I've had a passion for art since the day I was born.  I've always loved to draw, paint, sew, make jewelry, basically any and all things artsy!  It was in high school that I really developed a love of painting.  I was  very fortunate to have amazing art teachers along the way who inspired and encouraged me.  I continued taking art classes through college.  After college I moved to Atlanta and began working in the world of finace (stocks, bonds, Bears, Bulls....ugh)   So I took some painting classes at the High Museum and made a small studio at home to be able to paint.  Eventually I made a big leap and left the non-creative finance industry and started a kids hair cutting salon and shop.  It was an amazing creative outlet for me.  In addition to running the business I was making jewelry and painting, which I was able to sell in the shop.  Then, of course, came love, marriage and a baby carriage.  3 to be exact.  

Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I love hearts! 🩷 So I paint them.  A lot.  I make them in different sizes, colors, and shapes.  On paper and canvas, using different meduims. They are all unique and full of love.  

Painting and creating have always been therapeutic for me and a part of who I am.  It makes me HAPPY! Growing up in such a creative city like New Orleans, I think there is a little NOLA in each piece that I create.  In addition to painting,  I teach a Barre class in my home Barre studio.  And when I'm not teaching, or painting, I'm hanging with my husband, 3 kids and my dog :)  🩷